User Roles

Learn about roles and how to use them!

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User Roles will help you manage permissions, access to data and more.


There is only one Owner per company, it is automatically assigned to the user who creates the account.

Owners have full access to the platform and are able to assign Admin and Approver roles, who can manage daily operations.

If you need to change the Owner to another user, please reach out to us at [email protected].

For additional information on Owner capabilities see the table below.


Company accounts can have multiple Admins. We recommend you to assign these roles to the users who will be managing the account.

Admins have access to the company's financial data and can manage the roles of other users.

Not all Admins are created equal! Owners can decide which Admins have the ability to approve employee expenses and record internal payments. We call these Admins 'Expense Approvers'. Admins that are Approvers can also make other Admins Approvers as well.


Employees have limited access to the platform. Visibility to financial data is restricted to their personal spending.


Read-Only users have full visibility into the company's financial data but are unable to take any actions.

This role is ideal for accountants.

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